Bodywork Etiquette: Getting the Most Out Of Your Session

Whether you have had many sessions or are new to massage there are many questions that are unnerving to ask.

Punctuality – When scheduling a massage session try to show up five to ten minutes earlier than the appointment time. This allows time to calmly change and begin the session. If you do get held up in traffic and arrive late realize the session could be shortened as it is important to keep other clients on schedule. Rescheduling is also an option. Life happens and there’s no point becoming stressed on the way to a focused session.

Honor Yourself – We massage therapists don’t look at our clients as fat, thin, ugly, hairy, or beautiful, but rather see the person as a joy and a privilege with which to work. Don’t clutter your mind with negative and damaging thoughts of insecurity. Massage therapists have a natural appreciation for the human body and most likely don’t perceive what you fixate on.

Get It Your Way – During your session don’t be afraid to speak up. Silence assumes all is well. If the room is too warm, if the bolster under the legs isn’t right, if you need more pressure, if you suddenly don’t feel well during the session – let me know right away so you can get back to enjoying your session. After all, this is your hour to get away from it all.

Tipping – Ah, one of the most uncomfortable social conventions of our time. To put this issue to rest, I absolutely do not need or expect tips. In running my business I set flat rates. There is minimal overhead for me to consider and I do not work on a percentage base. Therefore, the given rate of what I set is what I expect. To tip, or not to tip, is up to the person but, again, is not required or expected.

Hopefully this clears up some unasked questions.

See you on the table!