Pleased Professionals

“My perception of massage was always that it was meant to feel good, provide relaxation, but was not intended for lasting results. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of every massage I ever received. After meeting Carmen she educated me on her style of massage and its benefits, which was different than any other massage therapist I had ever encountered. I discussed with her how I had chronic neck pain and tight traps that never seemed to get lasting results with other therapies. Immediately after being worked on by Carmen I noticed that the tension in my neck and shoulders drastically decreased. I have already and will continue to recommended Carmen to family, friends, and patients because she loves what she does, is highly educated and produces great results.” — Abbie Mork DC

“I have utilized massage for many years to help alleviate chronic lower back pain and headaches. While I would enjoy each session with other providers, I never felt that the therapist was fully engaged and focused on my specific concerns. I have found Carmen to be drastically different from any therapist I have ever worked with. Each session is purposeful, focused, and exceptional. She is compassionate with her clients and passionate about her work. It is a refreshing experience to work with a therapist who is truly concerned with enhancing health and improving lives. I would highly recommend her to everyone!” — Lindsey Calvert-Downey DC

Happier People (sorted by issue)

Scar Tissue Release
“I had a basal cell carcinoma removed on my face that required 14 stitches.  As I am in my 60’s, I was concerned about healing time and permanent scarring.  Carmen has a scar treatment that gave me impressive results.  With a small number of 15-minute sessions, Carmen was able to achieve rapidly discernable results.  Carmen is competent, calm and gentle. In her hands the treatments were enjoyable and soothing, with no discomfort.” — LH, Des Moines

Shoulder Injury & Gua Sha
“I have had shoulder pain and stiffness for the past decade. I have tried several other massage therapists with no change in my symptoms. Carmen is the only one who has helped me find relief by using Gua Sha treatments on me. Now, I am pain free!” — Deb, Urbandale

“I started going to Carmen at MASSAVEDA for relief from a whiplash I received in a car accident.  I was having severe neck pain, shoulder pain and fullness in the head. Her treatments were amazing and after just one month of receiving weekly treatments from her I no longer experienced neck pain or stiffness and the fullness in my head went away. She also has been working on my TMJD and the treatment is giving me relief with the pain I was experiencing in my jaw. I have gone to several  massage therapists throughout the years, but the treatment I have been getting at Massaveda does not compare to the others. Her medical approach with her deep tissue massage gives me incredible results. I highly recommend her for any aches or pains you may be experiencing.” — Kim, Des Moines

“I was in a fender bender on the interstate this past March that gave me whiplash. Dr. Ann Buenger and I discussed options with my neck as it was more difficult to adjust me and my adjustments were not lasting as long as they were before. I was having more frequent headaches and neck stiffness. Dr. Ann introduced me to Carmen. She now massages me 30 minutes prior to my adjustment and I am amazed at the difference in my adjustments. My headaches are gone and Dr. Ann adjusts me with ease again. I love the combination of massage therapy and chiropractic treatment. Between Dr. Ann and Carmen, I am living not just a normal life, but an improved way of living. I am feeling better and sleeping better as a result.” — Tonya A., Polk City

Sleeping Through Night & Leg Cramps
“As a guy, I never thought I would get a massage. I only had visions of spas that woman go to so they can be pampered. However, I was not getting a restful night sleep for the last couple years (mainly due to leg cramps). It was so bad at times it was affecting my ability to function during the day or even walk – I felt like I was 80 years old and I am only 49. I think I tried everything from a sleep test to sleeping pills to other natural remedies but none of them helped. Then I read Carmen’s brochure on things she has helped or worked on. I went down the list and said ‘this is me.’ Carmen went to work loosening up my muscles and that night after the first session I was sleeping better. After the third session, I was so relaxed I was almost sleeping on the table.” — Chris O., Adel

TMJ & Headaches
“I was suffering from great stress at work that was manifesting itself throughout my body. I was having many headaches and most recently, suffering from jaw pain. When I started going to Carmen, I found out that knots had actually developed on both sides of my jaw. Carmen took the time to work out the knots and advise me on how to reduce the stress in that area. Since then, the headaches have gone away and my body is feeling more relaxed and less tense. She even helped me immensely following knee surgery. She takes the time to listen and adjust as needed from session to session. I have had many massages before, but never experienced a true healing touch as I do with Carmen. I highly recommend adding Massaveda into your regular health routine – for both preventative and to help heal and recover the body. I can’t imagine getting along without it. I can’t say enough about her and all that she’s helped me with. Go find out for yourself!” — Ivy C., Fort Myers, FL

Plantar Fasciitis
“Very professional. Really knows massage. Able to identify problem areas and work out issues. I would recommend to anyone.” — George C., Des Moines

Lower Back Pain
“If you’re interested in one of the best massages and most knowlegable therapists you’ll ever have – go see Carmen at MASSAVEDA! I suffered from lower back pain for over a year that not only my doctor but 2 physical therapists couldn’t diagnose. She worked with me, helped me pin-point the issues and how to work on them. THANK YOU CARMEN! AMAZING!” — Darla D., Ames

“Carmen is a very friendly upbeat person who is more than willing to go the extra mile to do whatever needs to be done to give the best service possible. She has been very helpful to me for the time I have been seeing her. I am a person who has fibromyalgia, that is when the muscles in your body never relax and most of the time it hurts when someone touches you. I have learned how to handle the touching part and Carmen has helped with the muscle part. She has shared different exercises for me to do and they have helped. She is very good with the deep tissue massage that really helps. Overall, she is just an exceptional person.” — Sandi B., Ankeny

Overall Relaxation
“I would consider Carmen outstanding in her field. She gives 100% every time I’ve been to see her. Carmen has a tremendous personality and a special way to help clients feel at ease during their session. I always come away from my massage feeling relaxed yet energized. I would recommend seeing Carmen for back issues or just a massage to unwind!” — Cindy M., Ankeny

“I have been purchasing massages for over 20 years. In that time period I have received massages from over 30 therapists. I would rate Carmen as the best massage therapist. She combines the right touch, relaxing atmosphere, knowledge, and caring attitude I’m looking for. I would strongly recommend Carmen to anyone looking for a great massage.” — Tom B., Johnston

Post Surgery
“Carmen has the most amazingly strong hands for such a tiny frame. Every session I have with her leaves me feeling calm, strong, and the particular hurt for that day fixed. I initially started going to her following knee surgery. The relief and quick recovery she provided me can never be repaid. I continue to recommend her to my friends and know that they will find the same healing relief that I found from her powerful touch. Thank you, Carmen!” — Ivy C, Granger, IN

Chronic Neck & Back Pain
“I highly recommend Carmen as a massage therapit. I have been a client of Carmen’s for the past few months, seeking relief from chronic neck and back pain. I always feels better after my massages and have experienced an overall improvement in muscle tightness and pain levels during this time. Carmen is always professional and pleasant, gives maximum effort, and her massage therapy skills are excellent. Once again, I recommend her without reservation.” — Paul H., Ankeny

Things Overheard After Sessions

“We went to our [daughter’s] physical therapist today and he was so impressed with her progress and thinks it is due to your work! He is so happy with the results he even recommended swapping out one of his appointments if it meant getting her in to see you quicker!”

“We are like crack addicts for your massages!”

“I had the best sleep of my life after the last session – let’s do that again!”

“I haven’t had a great massage like that in 5 years! Thanks for making me feel like a new person again.”

“I am feeling really great! I think I slept about 10 hours last night. The pain is seriously a lot better. Thank you for the excellent therapy.”

“I think the cups are helping, after you worked on my shoulders with cupping and massage I was able to get to new [yoga] places with a particular shoulder stretch that was usually a challenge on one side . . . my shoulders and arms for sure are benefiting. Thanks!”