A Life-Long Study of Chronic Pain Relief Through Massage Therapy

We all have multiple issues in our life experience massage and bodywork help. From being in some serious car accidents to managing chronic pain involved with a life-long autoimmune disease, massage has helped me tremendously over the years. One particular example involves growing up with a severe condition of scoliosis. I received corrective surgery, which, although successful, left noticeable nerve damage and chronic muscle discomfort. This experience sent me searching for relief that would have long-lasting effects. Through combining bodyweight exercises, stretching, and regular massage, I found the much-needed relief and achieved greater strength and flexibility surprising even my doctors. This journey led me to research the medical implications of receiving regular massage as part of a healthcare system.

I spent years researching how massage positively affects all areas of the body. It was during a brief stint in Thailand that I experienced first-hand the altering effects of Reflexology. In 2010, I graduated from Iowa College of Natural Health, a school focused on clinical massage. It was at this point that MASSAVEDA was born, Sanskrit for “the knowledge of touch.”

A list of my specialties is found on the homepage, but the real point is, if your body is hurting or facing stress, I can help. My experience gives me an insider’s perspective that works towards finding a customized method of treatment for everyone. Married to that is my unusual innate sense of touch mixed with empathy about pain people experience.

I am a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) and licensed by the State of Iowa. I am also certified in whiplash recovery through NMT Midwest, Medical Massage through Ralph Stephens, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Vodder Method through Klose Training.

Passions include traveling, delectable food and wine, piano, photography, volunteer work, art and music. I am wife to the fabulous artist John Phillip Davis and living the dream with our dog, Jack. My favorite thing is watching a person in pain transform and embrace healing.

Carmen & Jack, MASSAVEDA mascot

Carmen & Jack, MASSAVEDA mascot